Mera Eishell


Photography is the story I fail to put into words
— Destin Sparks

Yo. Issss yaaaa girl!

Tomera aka Mera! The mama behind the lens…

I’m 30 years young, and I’m a mother to a tiny human named Hendrix. I’m sucker for a big ol margarita and Mexican food!! Literally, I could eat it day and night you guys, its a problem.

My passion for photography has always been in my soul but I feel it ignited after I had my son. I couldn’t bare to leave him so I dusted off our camera and started shooting, EVERYTHING. Left my corporate job, now I have honed in on what I am truly passionate about and have begun to find my niche in this business. I love shooting outdoors, intimate and raw spaces. If you are looking for a fun, not so serious and uptight photographer, I am your girl!! I do not like posed, cheesy shots. I am all about the candid, real life gushy, messy moments!! There won’t be any 1,2,3 cheese over here, like for real I ain’t the one. HA! If you wanna dance in a field to some Gucci Mane, or heck Taylor Swift I mean you name it! Lets make some magic….


I can't wait to see you.